The state of Uttar Pradesh was famous for scams, poor maintenance of Law & order by police, encouragement of public spaces. Power cut, rough roads, long quarrels on Jewar airport & non finalization of important files relating on infrastructure & lot relating issues. The new yogi government was sworn in the mouth march 2017 & all most 2.5 month has passed. The government has a shed its ministry to approach to resident of U.P. and listen to the problem directly .The solution to the problem should be immediate. The ministers has started travelling to the different districts for providing solution to the problem immediately .The DM ,SSP and other related officers of the district for providing were being directed the state to strictly follow the rules & regulation & various ministers visited Ghaziabad also to watch the situation of law & order maintenance.
The VC, GDA directed the authority for the proper follow up of regularized construction & immediate stop on irregular or unapproved construction in whole district. the outcome came as the irregular construction activities has stopped and the brokers , dealers or agent involved in promoting irregular construction considering the serve impact on the buyer has convinced then to secede from promoting the irregular / unauthorized or non approved construction.
The power cuts in the district has improved a lot & the power supply to the district in the may 2016 was 664.676 mu where as in may 2017 was 760 mu (Approx.). The good governance has directly shown the upliftment of civic facilities and resident are living comfortably life as compared to the previous years.
The situation of law & order is same that the municipal commissioner Chandra Prakash Singh issued an order to his official tone keep crossing and main roads in the city free from encroachment with immediate effect as per Ajaskant.das@timesgroup com. the commissioner has also directed the officials to free up public space from radius of 25 meters at all major crossing in Ghaziabad. Lot of poles hoarding have been removed as resultant of that order footpath is made at various places and the works on progress. The roads which had been 1/3 rd encroachment by the shopkeeper have been served the notice to vacate & the cities getting more and more clear now. Accidents were being on a higher side when the roads were encroached the shopkeeper were for encroachment at various places. Likewise regarding police department also the new SSP made clear to the officials of different stations regarding law and order maintenance filling of FIR & taking actions for the same timely Dial 100 started by the government is also a good startup for the state of Uttar Pradesh for controlling crime. The other departments, Ministers of the state government are also works effectively for the better state of Uttar Pradesh.
The various orders passed by the government are timely taking for infrastructure also & Jewar airport shall also come up with final DPR earliest

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